Cargo and Storage Container Lock

Cargo Storage Container

Protect Valuable Products Globally with a Single Cargo Storage Container Security Lock!

Do you have a truly global security system for your Intermodal Container shipments?

Do you want to be confident in your cargo security system?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then take a look at the features available to you with the Traklok cargo container trailer lock. This robust security system ensures safe transportation with an integrated physical locking system combined with a worldwide communication system.

Traklok Corporation is a pioneer in the physical security of cargo. The TrakLok system integrates the physical security and global communication of the GeoLok® with the alarm, alert, and tracking of the TrakLok® portal.

Are you using Shipping containers for remove storage solutions?

Are you storing equipment worth more than a $12 padlock?

Let us explain how we can provide a remote security system for your company’s assets.

  • As a Locking Device – The GeoLok far exceeds the physical security of a padlock or C-TPAT bolt seal.  With a unique code, Chronofencing, and Geofencing, you control who has access to your equipment and cargo.
  • As a Tracking System – You know where your assets are located and receive real time updates of any unauthorized movement.
  • Raises Alarm – The systems unique sensor platform monitors your cargo and equipment against multiple intrusion methods. 

TrakLok provides you with a mobile security system, installs in just 30 seconds, and cost just a few dollars a day.

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